FRP Axial


Fiberglass Reinforced
Plastic Fans

Axial In-Line and Roof Mount
FTF Sizes 6″ to 72″ diameter
  • Duct mount and roof mount styles
  • Statically and dynamically balanced impellers
  • Premium-grade, fire retardant housing and bearing
  • Designed for harsh chemical environments
  • Pretested for quality and reliability
  • Carefully balanced for quiet operation
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Construction for Axial FRP Blowers

IPF Fiberglass blowers are made from premium grade flame retardant vinyl-ester Ashland Derakane and Hetron Resins. “C” Veil for corrosion resistance is standard with Nexus veil in single or double thickness as additional options for certain chemical environments.

Most common applications are: Waste Water Treatment Plants, Metal Finishing Process Lines, Chemical Plants, Air Pollution Control Scrubbers, Pulp and Paper Mills, Semi-Conductor and PCB board manufacturing, and Laboratory Fume Hoods.

Spark resistant construction or Sparkless Fans quality is achieved by adding graphite impregnation into housing and impeller for static electricity dissipation and grounding fan properly. Explosion Proof motors available in a wide range of voltages and hertz

Sound Enclosures available.